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Are you looking for Roadside-Mobile Jump Starts for your vehicle?

Are you stuck in the middle of your journey due to a dead battery? We - The Auto Specialists is only one call away from you! We are a team of dedicated technicians offering efficient vehicular services right where you are.

So, if your car’s battery has stopped working and you need professionals to look and jump -start the vehicle for you, quickly give us a call. Our technicians will reach your place and provide prompt services of mobile jump starts Watford at affordable rates. We have years of experience and expertise in dealing with battery issues of major car makes.

When does your car need a Jump Start?

When your car battery fails to supply sufficient power to start the engine, your vehicle needs an immediate battery check and (unless of battery damage etc.) a jump start. So, whenever you notice any of the following symptoms, opt for a mobile jump starts service Watford from our garage:

  • The engine produces a cranking noise while turning the key but does not start
  • When your vehicle gets off and on now and then
  • The battery warning light on your car’s dashboard starts to show

How do we conduct Mobile Jump Starts Watford?

Our technicians are highly skilled in using top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to jump- start your vehicle. Moreover, you can avail of our service anytime and anywhere within Watford.

Take a look at our jump-start service procedure:

  • We come to your location with a fully equipped vehicle
  • We connect the positive end of a red jumper cable to the positive terminal.
  • Another end of this jumper cable is connected to the positive terminal of our car’s battery.
  • We connect the negative end of a black jumper cable to the negative terminal of our vehicle
  • Next, our technicians connect the other end of this black cable to any unpainted metal surface under the car’s bonnet
  • Then we start our service vehicle and supply power to the dead battery for about 2-3 minutes
  • Once the car starts, we remove the cables carefully and keep the engine running.

Keeping your car on for 30 minutes will make the alternator charge the battery to gain enough power for ignition.

Please note: In case jump starting is no longer possible due to battery damage or once the battery has reached its service life, we will offer you a battery replacement at a reasonable price.

Conclude your “mobile jump starts near me” searches with our professional service!

Let us know whenever you need help with your vehicle, and we are on our way.

We are always happy to assist you!

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